28 Août

Shabu-shabu means « swish-swish, » referring to the swishing action when you cook a very thin slice of beef in hot water.

On a portable range, place a medium-sized pot (1/2 gallon should do).
Place a couple of slices of kombu (a sort of kelp) and cover with cold water.
Gently bring the water to a boil and remove the kombu just before it actually starts to boil.
When the water is boiling very, very gently, you’re set.

On your table you should have: (for 4 people)


* 1 lb very thinly sliced beef (sirloin), preferably grain-fed. Beer-fed Kobe beef is the best.
I MEAN VERY THIN (less than 1/16 inch)
* 8 shiitake mushrooms
* 1/2 lb enoki mushrooms
* 1/2 lb shimeji mushrooms
* 1/2 lb shirataki
* 1 lb chinese cabbage
* 1/2 lb watercress, to substitute for spring chrysanthemum leaves
* 1 lb tofu, cut in 1 in. cubes, pressed and drained
* any other ingredients you want to use

Dipping sauce:

* In a small bowl, you should have soy sauce and lemon juice 2:1, as a dipping sauce.

Simply take one of the items, swish it around in the hot water for from a few seconds for beef to a few minutes for vegetables.
Serve with hot steamed rice.


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