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Fondue Chinoise

21 Sep

Temps de préparation : 30 minutes
Temps de cuisson : 120 minutes

Ingrédients (pour 6 personnes) :
– poulet
– boeuf
– crevettes (bouquets) ou gambas
– noix de pétoncle
– thon

Préparation de la recette :

Compter 50 g de chaque ingrédient par personne (maxi 350 g)

Préparation du bouillon :
– eau (2 ou 3 L).
– 1 oignon piqué d’un clou de girofle
– sel et poivre
– 1 piment sec
– 1 graine d’anis étoilé
– tous les déchets des ingrédients cités plus haut (têtes des crevettes, gras de viande,…)
Laisser mijoter pendant environ 2 h. Écumer, filtrer.

Sauces :
Sauce pékinoise :
– 1 filet de citron
– 1/4 ketchup
– 1/4 moutarde
– quelques gouttes d’huile pimentée
Bien remuer, goûter et rectifier l’assaisonnement.

Sauce huître :
– sauce huître, coupée avec de l’eau
– ail écrasé
– ciboulette hachée
Sauce cacahuète :
– sauce soja
– 1 ou 2 citrons pressés
– un peu d’eau
Griller les cacahuètes et les moudre très fin.
Bien mélanger le tout.

Sauce nuoc mam :
– 1 citron pressé
– 2 sucres
– un peu de piment
– 2/3 nuoc mam
– 1/3 eau
– ail pilé

Sauce gingembre :
– 1/2 vinaigre au gingembre
– 1/2 vinaigre pur
– gingembre haché

Préférez le thon Germon ou le thon Albacore pour réaliser cette recette.


Enjoy the food from today’s dinner…

2 Mai

Today’s lunch… no need dinner.!

26 Avr

Just few pix about China food – Last trip November 2010

26 Nov





Sweet And Sour Prawns

9 Août


* 1 lb fresh peeled prawns
* 2 tblsp tomato ketchup
* 1 tblsp sambal oelek (meshed hot chilies)
* pinch of MSG (monosodium glutamate) (OPTIONAL)
* 1 tblsp sugar
* 1 1/2 rice wine
* 1 tblsp cornstarch stirred in 2 tblsp water
* 1 clove garlic
* 1 1/2 tblsp fresh ginger
* 3 oz scallions


* 1 egg white
* 3 tblsp cornstarch
* 1/2 tsp salt
* 3 tblsp water
* 5 tblsp oil


Marinate prawns for 20 minutes in egg white, cornstarch, salt, water and oil.

Mix together the tomato ketchup, sambal oelek, MSG, sugar, rice wine and cornstarch.
Peel garlic and ingwer and chop finely.
Also chop scallions finely.

Heat 3/4 litres oil in a pan or wok and fry half of the prawns.
Take them out of the pan after 45 seconds and drain them.
In another pan or wok put 5 tablespoons of oil and fry garly and ginger for 30 seconds.
Add prawns and fry while stirring constantly.

Add prepared sauce and fry for 1 minute.
Add chopped scallions and 2 tablespoons oil.

Zongzi (Rice Dumplings in Bamboo Leaves)

6 Août

Makes 20 dumplings…


* 20 strings (for binding the zong zi packaging)
* 40 large bamboo leaves
* 1 kg of Glutinous Rice
* 2 kg of tender, fatty pork, sliced into 1 inch cubes
* 10 Salted Duck’s Egg yolk
* 40 Small Dried Black Mushrooms
* 20 Dried Chestnuts
* 10 Cloves of Scallions cut up
* 1/2 kg of Dried Radish cut up very finely
* 5 Cloves of Garlic
* 100 g small Dried Shrimp.
* 200 g Shelled Peanuts (with skins)
* Cooking oil
* Fine Ground Black Pepper
* Star Anise

Soak the rice for three hours.
Boil peanuts until tender (30 – 1 hour).
Stew the meat and the chestnuts together for 30 minutes to 1 hour with with 1/2 a up of soy sauce, 1/2 a cup of rice wine, a teaspoon each of fine ground pepper, sugar and star anise.
Soak mushrooms until soft (hot water will speed the process); remove the stalks.
Stir-fry with a little soup from the meat stew; add small amounts of soy sauce, sugar,
Dried Radish: Chop up finely and stir-fry with some sugar and garlic.
Shrimp: Stir-fry for a couple of minutes
Scallions: Chop up finely, stir-fry until fragrant.
In a large wok, mix in with rice in the wok to flavour with soup meat stew soup.
Add the peanuts.
Then the shrimp.
Cut the dried duck egg yokes into halves.
Bamboo leaves: Wash in hot water to tenderise the leaves (so they don’t break), before washing thoroughly in cold water.
Wet the strings to make them more pliable.
Wrapping the zong zi: Hang the set of strings.
« Fold the leaves flat at the leafstalk to make a sheet. »
« Hold the sheet, fold it round in the middle and make a funnel till both ends are laid over each other in one direction. »
The dumplings should be pyramid shaped with sharp edges and pointed ends.
It takes some practice to get nice looking ones.
They are tied up just like shoes laces with a double knot which makes them easy to open.
*Steam for 1 hour, unwrap and serve.
Zong zi are eaten plain or with any kind of sauce you chose.
People in southern Taiwan tend to boil the dumplings rather than steam them.

Fish Balls

6 Août


* 2 c Potatoes; chopped fine
* 1 c Cod; flaked
* 1 tb Butter
* Pepper to taste
* 1 Egg, beaten
* Plenty of lard; smoking hot
* Fried Bacon; optional

Cook fish and potatoes till tender.
Mash very thoroughly until every lump is gone.
Add butter, pepper and egg and beat till the whole is light and creamy.
Take up, a little at a time, with a spoon dipped in hot fat (prevents sticking) and drop into hot lard.
Cook til golden brown. If the lard is the right heat this will not take more than a minute.
Drain well and serve with crispy fried bacon. (Or without it).

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