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Steamed Egg Pot

28 Août


* 3 eggs
* 3 cups dashi stock
* 2 strips of white chicken meat
* 4 small shrimps
* 4 slices of kamaboko
* 4 shiitake mushrooms
* a dash of soy sauce
* ***1 and half tsp. each of light colored soy sauce and Japanese sake
* 1 tsp. of salt

(1)Crack eggs and mix with stock and seasonings with ***.
(2)Cut each strip of chicken into four pieces and sprinkle lightly with soy sauce.
Cut off inedible stem ends of mushrooms. Cut kamaboko slices in half.
(3)De-vein shrimp and cook lightly.
(4)Put chicken, kamaboko, mushrooms and shrimp evenly into each chawan-mushi bowl.
Pour in egg mixture.
Close lid and steam for 12 to15 minutes.

First under high heat and later under low heat.
(1)Cut pork into small pieces and radish and carrots into ichoo-giri.
Peel and cut taro into half-rounds(hangetsu-giri).
Cut fried bean curd in half and cut into 5 mm strips.
(2)Heat vegetable oil in pan and braise pork in pot, add dashi stock, radish, carrots, taro and fried bean curd, and bring soup to a bowl.
Turn heat to low and dissolve bean paste when Ingredients are cooked.
(3)Pour into bowl,and serve with minced green onion.

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